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March 01, 2016

What are the main attractions of the Sturdee Residence condo?

There are tons of reasons to go to the new Sturdee Residences condo. After all, the company funding this project is none other than ‘Sustained Land’. They have a reputation of taking up such huge projects and making them successful. So without further ado, here are some of the main attractions of this new condo along with why they are so.

main attractions sturdee residence condo

High Investment Returns

This new condo is located in District 8 which has huge potential when it comes to finances, not to mention that it is also located extremely close to Financial District. So if you decide to invest in it starting from now, there is a high chance that you will end up with impressive rental investments and huge returns in the near future. The amount that you have to supply is also really less, making it suitable for such investments.

Tons of places of interest

The Sturdee condo is located at walking distance from the shopping mall located at City Square. There are over 200 shops, tons of metro outlets, myriad of restaurants, cinemas, offices and other places of interest right here. Not to mention that the Mustafa shopping centre is also located not too far away from here. There is no shortage of public transport here either. Starting from MRT stations to expressways, there is everything you need.

No shortage of basic amenities

You will also not find any lack in the number of basic amenities that this place has to offer. As mentioned before, you won’t find anything lacking in terms of transport and communication. Other than that, you will also find a lot of healthcare centres, hospitals, schools, education centres and what not.

So these are the main things that make the Sturdee Residence condo such a place of interest and attraction for a huge number of people. If you want to move here in the future by yourself or with your family, you can always sign up on their website from before.

February 07, 2016

Skies 39 condo: newly developed condominium by the Skies group

The Skies 39 condo is a new condominium project by the famous Skies group. This condominium project is the second of its kind made by the Skies group. This condominium is being made in the Tao Payoh region of Singapore. There are different types of apartments that you can find in the Skies 39 condo project. From small apartments to large sized apartments, you can find the one that you need in this project.

skies 39 condo newly developed condominium skies group

Location of Skies 39 condo:

Situated in the Toa Payoh region of Singapore, the Skies 39 project is well surrounded with hospitals, market places, schools, restaurants and others. The railway station is also only a few minutes walking distance away from the Skies 39 condo.

Attractive facilities of Skies 39 condo:

Apart from its attractive location, there are also many other attractive features of this project. The first of them will be that the apartments of this project are 3 sides open apartments. As a result, all the apartments will be quite airy and not clumsy.

There are also many other facilities provided by this project, which are:

  • Playgrounds and parks for children.
  • Different sports options like basketball, football, tennis and others.
  • There are also different types of water sports options available in this project.
  • In-house medical stores, doctors’ chambers, nursing homes are also available.
  • Parking places for both residents and guests.
  • This project is well connected with free Wi-Fi and intercom.
  • There is also twenty-four hours security provided in this project.

Thus, it can be easily understood why the Sky 39 Toa Payoh condo is a very fast selling project of Singapore. Also the fact that this project is made by one of the most reputed and famous builders of the country makes it all the more attractive.

January 21, 2016

Centrium Square: the grand building of entire Singapore

This is a true fact that in the age of evolution and modernism only those things live on which has the ability of adaptation. From the word adaptation you need to understand the theory of evolution. Let’s make it simple. You need to be dressed as the party demands. This is quiet easier for you. Those things which fulfill our every need are the thing we love the most. Now we go to malls rather than different places to find different stores. Centrium Square is a good example of it. It means that it is one of the finest places to find your daily necessary things.

centrium square grand building entire singapore

Malls in these days- The days are gone when you visit different shops to find your desired thing. This is the era or development and that is why malls have come to light. A mall like this has everything you look for. The floor count will give your number thirty. Now imagine what you can found in this place and what could be missed. You will have a proper idea of the structure when you take a first look.

Area of the building- The square footage of the building is astronomically high and the development of the building is still going on. Now imagine that in the year of 2019 when it will be completed then how gorgeous will it be. It is just beyond your imagination. That is why the Serangoon freehold office is so popular in the entire region.

Floor area- The gross floor area is 205563 sq. ft. Now think about the size of it isn’t it huge. According to the number it can be easily said that you cannot roam around the building properly in one day. You should see the place properly because it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire Singapore.

You have seen that the Centrium Square is situated at the Serangoon road beside the Farrer park MRT station. So why are you waiting? Just go and make the day memorable in your life.

December 30, 2015

Some precautions to be taken at the Poiz Residences

By knowing all the things about it, you are now willing to buy a flat in the Poiz Residences, right? If yes, then you have taken a very right decision. As you already know that it is only for the Singapore citizens, so you can easily purchase it at an affordable rate. Before purchasing or renting, make sure that the flats are good for you and you are interested in it. When you have taken all the decisions, then must contact a trusted flat broker at, who will guide you will all the formalities.

precautions poiz residences

Precautions while shifting in the Poiz Residences

You have to take care a lot of all the formalities especially in the case of money. If the flat is getting you at an affordable rate, then must give a written proof to the flat broker. If you want a flat for the rent purpose, then your burden will be halved. Poiz Residences are a very safe and secure place so you don’t have to worry about anything. But, before you shift there, you must have to take some precautions of the formalities and ensure that the flat broker is not cheating you.

How can you enjoy in that place?

As already stated, every facility is available at the Poiz condo. You will never be disappointed in that place. It is newly constructed and the people are desperate to live there. If you don’t know some points about it and you want to know more about it, then must search on the internet. Alternatively, if you live in Singapore, then it will be very easy for you to understand the things easily with the help of your friends, neighbors and many more.

February 16, 2015

When you considering to buy a condos

City living made the obliged conditions for apartment suites to show up in the scene. The town perspectives incorporate business structures as well as taking off home structures.

when you considering to buy a condos

Owing a apartment these days

Owning an apartment suite unit has ended up connected with beautiful and current living-a piece of cutting edge lifestyle. The hypothesis of a house is not constrained in owning a home for some individual can claim an apartment suite unit to capacity as a home. The unit is non-open yet basic spaces will be imparted to other flat tenants. It is entirely unexpected from private focuses where one can appreciate more security and freedom. There masses of condo available to be purchased in the Botanique @ Bartley Singapore. Various home designers keep building different ones to take care of the demand of society for flats. The requests keep on swooping the same number of people are seeing the preferences of condo living. Here’s a rundown of the focal points that are being considered by the Botanique at Bartley.

  • A condo unit is less costly contrasted with owning a spot particularly now that land is extravagant in towns.
  • The upkeep is less lavish as it is imparted to other flat unit managers.
  • Most condominiums have twenty-four/ seven security and security contraptions are introduced for checking.
  • Apartments are usually found in vital areas in the metro, for example, it is close to work, shopping plazas, or fine eateries.
  • Apartment living gives an area for socialization among unit holders.
  • Condo holders: The association is masterminded setting up the ground for equitable choice making amid meetings there’s a major scope of lofts available to be purchased. The idea that lofts are for the well off isn’t right in light of the fact that there are sensible flats around.

There are a lot of incredible offers in the business sector so picking the best one can be hard.

January 01, 2015

Punggol EC projects redefining the town

Punggol is an upcoming town in northeastern Singapore which once used to be a well-established farming district. There are multiple Punggol EC projects getting completed in the next 1-2 years, with The Terrace Punggol EC being the latest project. This is going to change the face of Punggol into a town of beautiful buildings all over. And along with this multiple other social hubs are getting constructed. The whole town of Punggol is well connected with a good LRT system which helps people commute easily from one location to the other without much hassle. Ever since the Punggol 21 plan was drafted, this town has become the center of development especially with several residential projects and recreational facility projects coming up. Apart from these buildings sprouting up, there are also some wellness centers and nursing homes opened with the help of the town council which also show the efficiency in town planning and management.

punggol ec projects redefining town

Punggol is also a place which is well known for its seafood outlets amongst Singaporeans as it has water bodies near the town. Prawning and fishing facilities are also available to the public. ‘Leisure Village’ is such a prawning facility where you can go for prawn fishing at any time of the day and there are also facilities where you can BBQ the prawns to relish its taste. ‘Gills Fishing’ is a fishing facility in the town where you can catch fresh fishes and savor them after the catch. Punggol is also popular for boating, skin diving and skiing. Punggol Plaza Mall and Waterway point are the famous shopping malls in the town. The Terrace EC, one of the upcoming executive condominiums is located close to these malls.

Punggol town falls under the Pasir Ris- Punggol Group Representation Constituency and PAP party currently leads it. Punggol east is governed by Worker’s party post the by-election of 2013.