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January 21, 2016

Centrium Square: the grand building of entire Singapore

This is a true fact that in the age of evolution and modernism only those things live on which has the ability of adaptation. From the word adaptation you need to understand the theory of evolution. Let’s make it simple. You need to be dressed as the party demands. This is quiet easier for you. Those things which fulfill our every need are the thing we love the most. Now we go to malls rather than different places to find different stores. Centrium Square is a good example of it. It means that it is one of the finest places to find your daily necessary things.

centrium square grand building entire singapore

Malls in these days- The days are gone when you visit different shops to find your desired thing. This is the era or development and that is why malls have come to light. A mall like this has everything you look for. The floor count will give your number thirty. Now imagine what you can found in this place and what could be missed. You will have a proper idea of the structure when you take a first look.

Area of the building- The square footage of the building is astronomically high and the development of the building is still going on. Now imagine that in the year of 2019 when it will be completed then how gorgeous will it be. It is just beyond your imagination. That is why the Serangoon freehold office is so popular in the entire region.

Floor area- The gross floor area is 205563 sq. ft. Now think about the size of it isn’t it huge. According to the number it can be easily said that you cannot roam around the building properly in one day. You should see the place properly because it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire Singapore.

You have seen that the Centrium Square is situated at the Serangoon road beside the Farrer park MRT station. So why are you waiting? Just go and make the day memorable in your life.