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July 28, 2015

How foods that increase breast size can help

Herbs are extensively used to help increasing the size of the breast and it is natural breast enlargement product. There are various options in the market which help in increasing the size of the breasts and herbs form one the most important components in doing so.

foods increase breast size

Using herbs for breast enlargement

Using herbs and foods for breast enhancement has been a practice which has been used since ancient days and this effect was used in different cultures across the globe especially among harem girls in the Middle East. Herbs such as fenugreek and saw palmetto have amazing effects in improving the size of the breasts. These foods that increase breast size are effective as they have healthy aspects of phyto-estrogens.

How the phyto-nutrients in the herbs help?

The phyto-nutrients in these herbs for the breast enlargement maintain proper levels of estrogen and also help in preventing breast cancer. Some common herbs which are extensively used as breast enlargement herbs are Fenugreek as it contains high quantity of phytoestrogens including diosgenin, tigogenin, gitogenin, and yamogenin and is known to reduce the symptoms of menopause, controls diabetes, and reduces cholesterol while also increases breast size and milk production in nursing mothers. Other herbs are Pueraria Mirifica, Saw Palmetto, sheep Sorrel which contains many phytoestrogens in increase the secretion of estrogen, licorice and Wild Yam which is one of the most common breast enlargement herbs used by women. It is also an herbal tonic and also helps in sexual stimulation. Fennel seeds have been used since time immoral to increase the size of breast and to promote lactation among nursing mothers. It is next to fenugreek in estrogenic compounds and can be used in tea or even added to lotion and breast enlargement cream which can be massaged on the breast for bigger size.