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January 01, 2015

Punggol EC projects redefining the town

Punggol is an upcoming town in northeastern Singapore which once used to be a well-established farming district. There are multiple Punggol EC projects getting completed in the next 1-2 years, with The Terrace Punggol EC being the latest project. This is going to change the face of Punggol into a town of beautiful buildings all over. And along with this multiple other social hubs are getting constructed. The whole town of Punggol is well connected with a good LRT system which helps people commute easily from one location to the other without much hassle. Ever since the Punggol 21 plan was drafted, this town has become the center of development especially with several residential projects and recreational facility projects coming up. Apart from these buildings sprouting up, there are also some wellness centers and nursing homes opened with the help of the town council which also show the efficiency in town planning and management.

punggol ec projects redefining town

Punggol is also a place which is well known for its seafood outlets amongst Singaporeans as it has water bodies near the town. Prawning and fishing facilities are also available to the public. ‘Leisure Village’ is such a prawning facility where you can go for prawn fishing at any time of the day and there are also facilities where you can BBQ the prawns to relish its taste. ‘Gills Fishing’ is a fishing facility in the town where you can catch fresh fishes and savor them after the catch. Punggol is also popular for boating, skin diving and skiing. Punggol Plaza Mall and Waterway point are the famous shopping malls in the town. The Terrace EC, one of the upcoming executive condominiums is located close to these malls.

Punggol town falls under the Pasir Ris- Punggol Group Representation Constituency and PAP party currently leads it. Punggol east is governed by Worker’s party post the by-election of 2013.